Thursday, August 4, 2011


And I don't mean the snake. It has been busy lately (!) and while I have been absent from my blog, I have had her near my heart, thinking of all the things I want to share :) Gosh, here are a few things that we have done/seen lately:

*spent Friday with my lovely Unominame (an endearing nickname from our college days); we talked about food/cooking over coffee, over lunch, while thrift store shopping, on the muni, over dinner and anywhere in-between. She rocks my world and is an amazing, creative cook!
*enjoyed an UH-mazing late-night burger with Bill and Camille at Marlowe.
*we say The Tree of Life on Sunday. Wow. Complex, complicated, simple, beautiful... all those and more wrapped into an engaging film.
*finished reading The Alchemist (referred by miss Kim); it was wonderful.
*we have my cousin Mac coming tonight to visit for the weekend... so excited!

Fun times and I am having fun taking advantage of these summer months! xoxo


  1. you squatting nowadays!!?!?!?

  2. haha! we saw these funny hole-in-the-ground toilets in Italy... i did the complete opposite... tried to get as far from the hole as possible!