Monday, November 21, 2011

Cooking With Love

There are few things as beautiful and delicious as a meal made with love. With just a few days before America's number one eating holiday, Thanksgiving, I look forward to the wonderful time that will be spent around the table breaking bread with family and friends. It is a precious time that I hold dear.

I feel so fortunate to break bread on a regular basis with my new coworkers; we sit down as an entire team and enjoy a wonderful meal together. Everyone takes turns preparing the meal, as well as covering the cleaning duties. It's a brilliant tradition.

Last Friday the lovely greek mother of a coworker prepared the most delicious meal for everyone: moussaka. This joy-of-a-women began this labor of love the day before our lunch and made an enormous casserole dish that, along with a crisp greek salad and home-cured olives, left our stomachs full and our souls satisfied. "Thank you, Sofia. It was delightful!"

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