Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ruth Reichl

One may say I am obsessed with Ruth Reichl... and they may be correct. I adore this women and greatly admire all her culinary prowess. My dream job would be hers: former Editor in Chief of Gourmet Magazine, restaurant critic, author, restaurant entrepreneur, world traveler, James Beard Award recipient. Her love for food and passion for literary expression is so captivating; you can taste the very thing she writes about.
I was so disappointed when Gourmet Magazine ceased it's publication (they still have a great website with a database of recipes, articles and are currently publishing Gourmet Live Blog). For awhile Ruth was shooting Adventures with Ruth, a Gourmet presentation that followed her on a culinary odyssey around the world. She often times would be accompanied by a famous actor and together they would partake in local cooking classes that highlighted the true cuisine of the region. Unfortunately you can no longer watch them online through the Gourmet website, but the podcasts are still available for download as well as all the recipes here. PBS still airs the show, so check out the local listing. Read the journal where Ruth is currently posting her holiday Gift Guide for the foodie in our lives. Also, you can cook from Ruth's first cookbook with recipes found here.

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