Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Baby Projects

Bumper that I made for the baby's moses basket.
I have been filling my time waiting for baby to arrive with some fun projects. I picked out a few fabrics that I loved and decided to do some sewing. 

Colorful, fun fabrics.
I started with two diaper bags: one for mommy, one for daddy. Very simple designs that I got from this book.

Mommy's diaper bag.
I loved the white jean material, knowing full well that this will dirty quickly. These simple bags can be tossed into the laundry, though, so I am not worried. I have since added a flat, aged gold button that I love!

Simple pouches to hold random items; this one will hold diapers.
The book also has instructions for creating these simple pouches that can be used for a number of random items. I made Bry and I each one to hold diapers and wipes. The purple and grey fabrics will be used to make other pouches in varying sizes to hold other baby items.

Daddy's diaper bag and another diaper pouch.
Daddy's diaper bag is made of linen and slightly larger. I love how these bags turned out and I made all the above projects in just a day!

Moses basket bumper; soft blankie and rabbit plush from Grandma Kelli.
This was my favorite fabric that I picked out. I had originally intended to use this for a baby blanket, but really needed to create a new bumper for this sweet basket. I ADORE how well it turned out and cannot wait to see out little baby resting peacefully in his/her new bed (that is if we EVER decide to put the little one down!).

Simple ties hold the bumper in place.
I came up with my own design for this bumper. It was really a matter of fitting the fabric and filler to match the dimensions of the basket. It was an easy project overall, with the ties being the most difficult to create. I made 20 ties so I could secure both the top and bottom of the bumper to the basket. I am so pleased with how well these projects turned out! Now we are just STILL waiting for our little babylove...


  1. really nice.
    happy waiting.

  2. OMG I LOVE the bumper fabric! You are making me one of those someday ;) seriously

    1. you got it! now get crackin' on those babies...!