Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Loving The New Niece

Brinnyn at 4 days old.
Mommy and Brinnyn this past weekend.
We took a last trip down south this weekend before the baby comes. We had to drop off our beloved kitty, Dodo, who will be staying with Grandma Kelli for awhile during this transition phase. We also were there to attend our nephew, Rydin's, 3rd birthday party.

Sunday we took a few pictures of the newest little baby, Brinnyn... she is so precious! It was fun/odd holding her imagining having a little baby of our own to cuddle, snuggle and kiss in just a about a week.

Yesterday we spent the day at Grandma Ellen's house doing baby laundry. I guess I should say GRANDMA did baby laundry... such a huge help! We are now washed and ready for the little one to come into this world :)

It was a fun, family filled weekend.

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