Saturday, January 15, 2011


Today marks 29 years of wonderful life I have been given on this earth. I am so grateful for my husband, the family and friends (near and far) that surround me and add joy, happiness and love to my life. It the last year of my twenties and I began thinking about what I wanted to do in this final episode of my twenties chapter. From a young age, my dad would always encourage me to set goals and write a list of the things I wanted to do with my life in an effort to successfully accomplish these goals. I know I have tucked away in a box, somewhere, lists of what I wanted to be/do when I grew up, all scribbled on Day Timer paper (he also would give me daily planners every year to encourage writing down schedules, homework, practice, games, etc... I still use a daily planner to this day). Here are a few things on the list for this year:

*learn to play the guitar: my husband plays beautifully, so I have a teacher right here in our home... in the past I have been a horrible student, but here's to trying again!
*run 1/2 marathon: this past year I completed a 10k, my first running event ever... I have never been a runner, so this was a big deal for me. Time to up the marker one more step!
*start a business: ok, big or small, doesn't matter... will most likely be an etsy shop, but I am open to bigger plans if something comes my way. I would love to one day open a beautiful B&B. I love this Working Ranch in Sonoma.
*new haircut: I have been wanting a new look and am ready for a change
*travel: preferably to a country I have never been (Spain?!), but would love to see other parts of this great country as well.
*1 craft every month: increasing my commitment to art and creativity can't hurt
*1 book every month: cookbooks don't count
*4 blog posts a week: I love blogging, I just need to make it more if a priority.
*start a family?!: not sure, but it's a possibility...?!?!

I reserve the right to add to this list as the year unfolds, but think this is a good starting point. Wish me luck, and here's to 29!


  1. happy birthday...that list looks exciting!

  2. A good book you really need to read: "Hinds Feet on High Places"....but just read one chapter every day so that you can absorb it....that's what someone told me to do, and I was so happy I did, because it would have taken me a day to read, but I thought so much more about it when I only read one chapter a day... JillBean

  3. thanks for the recommendation jillbeanfornton!