Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Velvet Teen

‎'cos if we die tonight, i do not care
there will be no need to be scared
yeah, if we do not make it, i don't mind
all i want is to sleep by your side
too many people live imprisoned
stuck somewhere between the is and isn't
the night will pass and we'll no longer think on
what it was or what it wasn't

Chorus from {"Noi Boi" by The Velvet Teen}

This last weekend we went to see one of our favorite bands play at the Bottom of the Hill, The Velvet Teen. They are a local band from the Northern Bay Area, but are at the top of my list of extremely talented artist. We have seen them a number of times, but it has been years since I last saw The Velvet Teen perform live... Friday's show was both mind-blowing and a strange time warp back to my college days... if you get the chance to see them play, DO IT! There is something about seeing these musicians perform live that just takes it to 11. Check out other album versions of their songs:

{The Prize Fighter} - filmed in Petaluma, CA

{Counting Backwards}

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