Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Shay Shay!

Happy Birthday to my dear little sister, Shay, the youngest of 5 siblings. I was 9 years in the delivery room when I watched her come into this world. I remember her on the scale as the doctors weighed this newborn, and her big blue eyes met mine. Shay is so loving and helpful, always willing to massage my back after a waterpolo practice/game, her little hands pressing out the tension in my shoulders. I left for college when Shay was 9 and I missed many moments of her growing up, showing lambs for 4-H, playing waterpolo in high school. She has a family of her own now, a wonderful hardworking sweetheart and the most beautiful baby boy. Such a beautiful young women, inside and out and I adore her freckle face :) I love you Shay Shay, hope you have a wonderful birthday!

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