Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Festa della Donna

Happy International Women's Day! Called Festa della Donna in Italy, the tradition is to honor women (and show solidarity with women worldwide) with a sprig from a Mimosa tree. When I was in Florence, I was honestly expecting a morning cocktail, but these bright yellow blooms are also lovely. Here's to all the women in my life- I love and admire you!


  1. Hey there Steph. I don't write you on your blog but I really like what you do here. You always have such fun stuff to talk about.


  2. is that also known as an acacia tree?
    i've missed my acacia trees this year, and thus far all blooming trees!
    still winter time brown around here.

  3. d- thanks for the encouragement :)
    k- not sure about the acacia?! we are had a premature bloom of the cherry blossoms here, but "real" spring should be here soon!!