Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A BunnyTrail

It's funny how quickly I can get sidetracked while reading.admiring.wondering the blog world- one tangent leads to another and I can never remember where I began or where I was going... that is actually part of the fun. Discovering. It's seems with every click another world of creativity and inspiration are waiting for me and I find myself lost for hours. I love it. Here are the random cyber-roads traveled today and some new discoveries.

I started out here, admiring yet another post about EmersonMade:

From here I was launched in three directions, the first being a discovery that this was the gentleman behind the lovely house styling for the shoot (also check out this amazing magazine, available for viewing online):
I also was intrigued by this blog title (which turns out to be a GREAT little treat):

And lastly, I bumped into this little diddy:

Well, and then I went here, here, and here...!

P.S. Did I mention a peek into this lovely site?

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