Monday, March 28, 2011

My "Other" Name

People always mistake my name for Jennifer. If I just meet someone or are recent acquaintances, I am always referred to as Jennifer until they learn otherwise. Why? I have no clue. But get this: I came home from the hospital as an infant with no name; my mom was trying to decide between Stephanie and, yes, Jennifer. What's even more crazy, is that when I was three (of course having no clue of this name debacle) I wanted to change my name to Jennifer and forced everyone to call me by my “new” name. AND, as I type this I freakishly realize that I recently got a haircut (the first professional cut in 15+yrs?!) and the picture I brought in to show the stylist was, of course, Ginnifer Goodwin. Now I know the spelling is not quite the same, but still… pretty bizarre. Maybe I am caught up in some-sort of LOST parallel universe and Hurley and I are hanging on an island beach… What? Is that black smoke I see?...Is that a polar bear?...

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