Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dinner In, Dessert Out

Wanting to have a nice evening together, but being on a small budget, we decided to do dinner in, dessert out. We had leftover spaghetti (exciting, I know), but I fancied it up with some arugula topped with warm goat cheese rounds. So simple.

After dinner, we walked down to a little cafe in North Beach and shared a delicious ginger cake drizzled in warm caramel sauce and a side of vanilla bean ice cream. I had a café au lait and bry enjoyed this yummy cappuccino con panna while a 3-piece group (stand-up base, accordion, classical guitar) played Italian/folk style music in the corner. A fun, inexpensive date night.


  1. Ummm, how have I not had your blog bookmarked before now?!? Apparently you need more self promotion or I need to be more aware (probably the latter... another cup o'joe it is!).
    Glad I finally found it now! I'm loving reading all your posts =)

  2. yea!!! glad you'll be joining me! :)