Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Secret Supper Clubs

This concept is so exciting to me, it makes my knees weak. A secret dinner, attended by only a few, eaten at a communal table, at either a rotating or stationary location, sometimes in the chefs very home... speechless. I first came across this idea of a supper club in an article on The FourCoursemen and fell in love. Since then, they have been popping up every where, all cities; these intimate meals for the ultimate foodie. I have had my eye on this (quickly surfacing) SF secret, Wild Kitchen, who I previously posted about here. I look forward to partaking in this foraged feast, especially after the amazing recap of their Valentine's Day dinner.

Which brings me to my most recent discovery, HiP Paris Blog, and their post on 3 hidden Paris kitchens. OMGosh... cannot handle the excitement! Such an incredible venture, I think this is my next dream job (if you could even call it a j-o-b?!)... the wheels in my head are already spinning! It's truly the perfect fusion of love for entertaining & cooking. Oh, and their lovely post on how to purchase an apartment in Paris is so worth a peek... even if it's just a silly little dream ;)'s another little nugget-o-love to nibble on; a rooftop dinner in Buenos Aires by this Edible Tales creator.

image found via {HiP Paris Blog}

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