Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Grave Injustice

"Breaking News: U.S. Supreme Court rejects last-ditch appeal from Georgia death row inmate Troy Davis."

I wept as I listened to the decision made by the U.S. Supreme Court refusing the stay of execution for Troy Anthony Davis. "To Much Doubt" moved nearly one million people to petition the Georgia Board of Petitions; protests took place not only all over our country, but throughout the world. Prominent people from every political ideology (supporters and opposes of the death penalty, democrats, republicans) came out in support for a stay on tonight's execution recognizing not only the absence of physical evidence, but 7 of the 9 eyewitnesses that have recanted their stories; a complete eyewitness testimony conviction. All the efforts we not enough on Troy's case, but he recognized that the problems with the death penalty were bigger than his case and hoped that this movement in support for him would lead to ultimately ending this cruel, barbaric practice of the state killing it's own citizens. Two-thirds of all nations in the world do not practice capital punishment. Ninety percent of all executions take place by just five countries: China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and the United States. This is the company we keep. 

Such a tragedy. Very heartbreaking. I pray that Troy's struggle for justice will move people to question who we are as a country, where we want to go from here, and how we want our future nation to look for our children and subsequent generations.

"We should be a beckon of light for human rights in the world... we have to move forward in the spirit of Troy Davis." -Ben Jealous

See more coverage on Democracy Now.

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