Thursday, September 29, 2011

Images of Italy: Venice

I realized that I still have so much to share from our trip to Italy that I just need to start posting pictures and let the images attest to the splendor of this boot-iful country (sorry, couldn't help myself...!). Even though Venice was a stop half-way through our journey, I will start here since I love the photos from this city.

The water levels fluctuate dramatically in Venice... they can set-up plank walkways instantly.
Piazza dining is a way of life.
View from the campanile.
The Venice market is legendary for its fresh seafood.
Amazing, intelligent, beautiful creatures.
Love a piazza filled with color.
LOVE this boat!
Gondolieri on a break.
Amazing villas along Il Grande Canale.
My love.
Outside the entrance for Harry's Bar, about to partake in the famous Peach Bellini!
Brian and a cool Roma band.
We ate an amazing dinner at this little unassuming restaurant off a quiet, side street.
Venice at night from the Rialto Bridge.

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