Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It takes a community to raise a blogger.

What I adore most about the blogging community is the camaraderie, support, and friendship that abounds throughout. It is a place where one can express themselves freely and find an overwhelming response of support and encouragement. While I love to read blogs from people all over the world, most whom I have never met, I particularly favor those who I call friends; it's like rooting for the home team. Here are my lovely peeps who I follow and adore:

Simply Blythe - a beautiful blog full of the lovely pictures and the simple joys in life
Melissa Jean Photography - amazing photography and fun, everyday musings
Open R(h)oads - "The semi-transparent adventures of city-girl-meets-country-boy"... well said!
Kona Jill (Jill T's blog) - a prolific writer who has been around the globe.. no, really!
Boiled Tomatoes - a clever and witty blog from a sassy(fras)-kinda-gal
Out of the Loop - "This is the record of a woman who, with some luck and moxy, is going to remove herself from the loop"

Who are some of your favorite buddy-bloggers that you follow?


  1. Great idea for a post... thanks Steph!

  2. Ok!!! It only took me a month, but I finally found the blog I was looking for to suggest.
    A Pretty Life in the Suburbs:
    She does lots of DIY projects and recipes. I've yet to try out any of the recipes because, well, my food comes from a freezer, but I thought you probably would love it!

  3. awesome, thanks cuz! i will check this out :)