Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Weekend!

This is how I typically spend my Friday mornings: with the weekly newspaper section of Food & Wine (which comes out on Wednesdays, but this is the first day I have a chance to relax and read). I grab my scissors and tape, enjoy the local (well, somewhat... Sonoma County) articles, peruse the upcoming events, and clip any irresistible recipe for my collection. While my sweetheart and cat enjoy a little more sleep, it is my quite morning time to savor a cup of coffee and ease into the weekend ahead... in this case, a very LONG weekend.

I am going to spend this Labor Day weekend enjoying the beautiful sunshine we have slated for SF (spent an hour reading an old issue of Gourmet on the roof and have already begun a bit of a suntan!), making a trip to the Farmers Market, and reading the books that my sweetheart ordered for me (The Oxford Companion to Italian Food and The Oxford Companion to Food). Bry completed a website for his professor who has published a book on Oxford University Press. They could not afford to pay him too much for the awesome website he built, so they gave him credit towards books from the Press. Really, that is what we would have spent the money on anyway, so it worked out just fine... and I LOVE my new books!

I hope you all have a safe, fun, and FOOD-tastic weekend!

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