Saturday, October 1, 2011

Babies + Camping

cake-pop baby cake: carrot and red velvet
 I spent last weekend at my parent's house on a visit that was planned around my cousin Michelle's baby shower. It was a sweet, sophisticated shower, held at a lovely Paso Robles winery, where I was able to hang out with my large, wonderful family, drink wine, and send out "ooh's" and "ahh's" over adorable baby gifts.

my nephew Rydin playing with his tractor... literally, his favorite thing in the world
Rydin with his faced pressed against the glass... this kid is so stinkin' funny!
the cousins: me, Michelle, Melissa, and my sister Shay (Rydin's mom)
After the shower we came home and headed right down to the lake to get in a little late-summer camping and to try out dad's new-to-us boat. It is a Sea Ray with a tiny little cabin underneath, but we managed to pile in 7 adults and 3 kids, no problem. San Antonio Lake is great in that it allows shoreline camping, so we were able to launch the boat, and anchor it right off shore. Dad, in typical fashion, was so excited to test the extent of his new toy that he slept on the boat that night. He makes me laugh! I am sure it was much more comfortable then the ground I was sleeping on!

mom tidying the boat after our day of tubing on the lake
a beautiful sunset as I headed out on Sunday, making my way back north

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