Thursday, October 6, 2011

Occupy Wall Street!

thousands came out to protest as others assembled in cities all over the country
police brutality has been heavily documented on non-voilent protesters
big names help draw much lacking media coverage: Michael Moore, Tim Robbins
people recognizing the wide-spread effects of the Wall Street greed and corruption
arrests are rampant! 700 people arrested in one day on the Brooklyn bridge
the theme that has moved thousands and resonates with millions

genius; at the ready to document the revolution
Wow! Amazing things are happening all over the country in a unified voice of anger, disgust, and, as one 87 year old woman so aptly put it, a "mad as hell" attitude. This movement of solidarity is growing, gaining steam with the addition of a number of unions, and I believe this is just the beginning. As the people take to the streets to express their frustration, they are striking cords in the hearts of the "99%" living in this great nation who are suffering under the oppression of the 1% who own so much, have more than they could ever need, are the root cause of the economic crisis, and then turn around expecting the rest, who are already stretched thin or are crumbling, to pay the price. It's an unbelievable time we are witnessing; a time where feet are put to the fire and true character is, and will, be demonstrated by those in authority. It's a make or break moment in politics and our country. The movement of the 99% has begun and where it leads is unknown, but the path is exciting. The sleeping giant has awoken...!

To check out the most in-depth coverage of the protest (that you WILL NOT see on any corporate news station) watch Democracy Now. Amy Goodman is a champion of free speech media and gives voice to the voiceless. While you're there, listen to the interview today with Naomi Klein, an incredibly intelligent author and journalist. Also, you can see the movement that is growing in our beautiful San Francisco; a video of Occupy SF that my sweetheart shot from the roof!


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