Saturday, October 29, 2011

Non-Violent Revolution

This was a really inspiring interview that we watched last night with Brian Willson, a non-violent activist who has spent his life learning the costs of opposing the brutal actions of the United States government. Brian lost both legs during a peaceful sit-in that opposed the transportation of weapons to Central America:

"Today we spend the hour with a man who put his life on the line twice: once when he served in the Vietnam War and again when he came back. On September 1, 1987, Brian Willson took part in a nonviolent political action outside the Concord Naval Weapons Station in California. He sat down on the train tracks along with two other veterans to try to stop a U.S. government munitions train sending weapons to Central America during the time of the Contra wars. The train didn’t stop. Willson suffered 19 broken bones, a fractured skull and lost both of his legs."

A very eye-opening testimonial that comes at a time when peaceful demonstrations across the country are meeting brutal crackdowns by local police units. It leads one to question the "democracy" and "freedom" that the US espouses to stand for.

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