Saturday, October 22, 2011

Winds of Change

I feel awful for my absence... it's not because I don't love you! It ha been busy, but hopefully things will be smoothing out for me soon. Thursday was the last day of my old job; a place I had been for 6 years. It was hard to say goodbye to people who had become like family. Nonetheless, they are friends that I will have forever, and for that I am thankful. Yesterday marked the beginning of a new adventure as I began my other job at Fra'Mani as their Office Services Coordinator. I was seeking out a good-food job and I found one! I am already in love with this artisan salumi company and adore all the people there. I spent my first day trying to keep my head above water, really. So many things to learn, but I am beyond excited for the challenges that lie ahead.

Last night was my first company outing: we took part in the OcTCHOBeerFest event at the TCHO factory complete with chocolate, salumi, cheese, bread, and beer, oh my! We took a tour of the factory and learned the process of turning acidic cacao beans into beautiful, velvety chocolate. The tour concluded with, of course, eating chocolate the was literally just made that day... heaven! After that the Fra'Mani team went out for Chinese food and enjoyed (more) beer, dumplings, calamari, a whole steamed fish (YUM!) and many more dishes that went circulating around the table. I was so happy that my sweetheart was able to make it out to meet my new friends. I think I have found my happy place :)

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