Monday, July 14, 2014

Adventures in Villa Borghese

Sundays are a free day for Brian, since the libraries and archives are closed, so we headed to Villa Borghese for a little bike adventure! We rented this fun risciĆ³ and explored this enormous green space. Matteo was hesitant at first to ride up front, but once another bike with two bambini rode by, he was all game! We spent part of the time chasing a little train (in the background) around the park, which Tay really got a kick out of... "Where's-he-go? Where train go?".

There is still a zoo, pond with boats, playgrounds, and the train to ride at Villa Borghese... Matteo and I hope to do some more exploration this week :)


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  1. So glad he was brave enough to ride up front! Fun!