Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"Damn it, Rome!"

This ancient city is no doubt a beautiful, amazing place, full of history, life, and adventure at every turn. Cobblestone streets, unearthed ruins, and natural water spring fountains are part of the picturesque beauty that is Rome. There are, however, other realities that come with living in a big, ancient, foreign city that drive me nucking futs! Here are my top three things that I won't miss about Rome:

1. Dog Shit, as far as the eye can see: well, not really, but in the neighborhoods, there really are bombs everywhere that you have to look out for. I find myself looking down more than I admire the crazy beautiful buildings all around me. I have never seen anyone picking up after their dog; it just doesn't happen here. "Damn it, Rome!"

2. Mosquitoes will eat you alive: sure, we have mosquitoes back in the states, obviously, but remember those large, gorgeous windows we have here, with the quintessential Italian shutters? Well, they don't come with screens. This means that if you want to let in some fresh air, you will also be opening the windows wide for those blood-sucking bastards. Nothing worse then trying to get some rest after a long day of eating gelato and pizza and "bbzzzz" goes right past your ear... you know you are going to wake up with big, red, itchy bumps in the morning. Plus, there's that pesky business of West Nile Virus, just sayin'."Damn it, Rome!"

3. Cigarette Smoke- "Come to Italy, we'll give you emphysema.": sound too harsh?! Well I especially hate cigarette smoke, and you cannot walk down the street without finding yourself behind a lit cigarette. It's a beautiful evening, want to eat outside? How about some smoke with that Carbonara (because you can totally smoke at restaurants still)? Now that I have Matteo with me, I find I am especially sensitive and alert to this deadly (YES! Second-hand smoke KILLS!) by-product of someone else's decision to poison their lungs. But you know what really chaps my hide? As much as I love our apartment, when I am inside and allowing some fresh air (and mosquitoes, no doubt) to fill this lovely space, and I am suddenly assaulted with the with filthy exhale of smoke from a passerby below... I could really cause an international incident. "Damn it, Rome!"

Just a little dose of everyday to intermingle with the beautiful pictures, pizza outings, and gelato galore. "But seriously, Rome, I do love you. You just have a smoking problem."


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