Monday, July 21, 2014

Adventures in Villa Torlonia

Matteo and I have visited Villa Torlonia three times now, and really enjoy it. This was once Mussolini's vacation home and garden. It is located in the opposite direction of the old city (about 20 minutes from our home), so there are few tourists and no crowds; we mostly see other mothers and children enjoying some outdoor play. The grounds are enormous, and completely surrounded by high walls. There are multiple buildings that have been turned into a museum, a "Swiss cabin", a Technotown for kids, and a small playground for the babies, plus a little pond, walking paths, and plenty of grassy areas to kick around a soccer ball.

Brian was able to join us on Saturday for an afternoon of play and exploration. 

Matteo loves, LOVES, this fountain. Actually, all the kids seem to like it. There are always toddlers playing in the water, cooling off. This is a little video of Matteo on our first visit; it makes me laugh :)

We were both MELTING in the sun, but he refused to leave this elephant... so mama just went and sat in the shade while he played. He finally gave in and joined me on the shady bench.

This is such a great place to play! We will be making a few more trips before our time is over.


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