Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Great Pizza Hunt

This week Matteo and I ventured out to hunt down some of the best pizza in Rome. Since Rome has a pizzeria on just about every corner, our friend sent us some suggestions to help us narrow down the options to the most highly recommended spots from people who know their shiz.

Welcome to Forno Campo de' Fiori. While the location is impressive, sitting on the periphery of the highly visited Campo de' Fiori market, his little pizza al taglio spot is not much to look at from the front. Yet you can tell that something special is happening inside when you see crowds of Italians on their lunch break standing around outside, eating squares of pizza straight from the signature brown parchment paper. 

the front room where handsome Italian boys cut you a slice
Once inside you are transported to pizza heaven. There are not an overwhelming number of choices, but the options you are presented with are the best and they are done right. I opted to try a slice of both the funghi with red sauce and mushrooms and olive oil galore, and the patate with thin, delicate potato slices and rosemary. Matteo, of course, was handed a piece of pizza bianco to enjoy while he hung out in the boba on my back (I actually no longer have to feed Matteo... people hand him food and treats everywhere we go... he's quite the attention hog!)

rear of the house with a few more pizza options and lots of biscotti and pane to choose from
an open side door reveals the master at work, prepping the dough for the oven
my beautiful little parcel of pizza
potato and rosemary
I couldn't resist trying their amaretti biscotti. These little nuggets are a favorite of ours: almond flavored cookies topped with pine nuts. These were not disappointing (and also make a lovely breakfast the next morning...) :)

amaretti with pinoli
So, ladies and gentlemen, when in Rome, this jewel of a joint is a must! And bring along a cute toddler... I am sure your experience will be that much better :)

happy eating,

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