Thursday, July 10, 2014

Italy and Ruth Reichl

My book of choice for this trip was Garlic and Sapphires by Ruth Reichl. I love RR (and I don't mean Rachel Ray)! The last time we traveled through Italy, I was reading her book, Comfort Me with Apples. So Good! I thought I'd keep up the tradition with another Ruth memoir. 

I'm not certain if it is the allure of foreign travel, the smell of Italian coffee and pastries, or the fact that I have some free time (either on trains or, in the case of this trip, while Matteo is napping), but reading Ruth in Italy totally captivates me and I become, once again, OBSESSED about food and cooking. The markets are more inspiring, my imagination is on overdrive, I am always planning the next meal (if not the next two meals), and I become more adventurous. While I think that Italy in general does this to me, Ruth's words are like a shot of caffeine straight into my culinary vein. And I love it!

Have you read any of her books? I've also read this by Ruth. Any other recommendations for food literature? What about any new cookbooks you've tried lately? This is a recent book that I picked up that is surprisingly good (I'm not a real GR fan... too much yelling, but he is much more enjoyable in print)!


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  1. recently requested ruth's novel, delicious, from the library...not here yet.
    love a food memoir...any really.
    will request the g.r. cookbook, now.