Monday, May 9, 2011

Adventure Cleanse: Day 1

Ok, ready or not... actually, I am totally ready! Nervous, of course, but after my fun-filled weekend (complete with not-so-cleansing food) I am really looking forward to restoring a healthy pH in my body... dang, I'm going to miss coffee! I went to the store last night to stock up on all the yummy things I will be indulging in over the next 21 days... but realized I had forgotten my 2 page list, so I had to improv a bit. I only purchased a few things to get me through the day, then plan on stopping AGAIN for the BIG list. Here's what's on my menu for today:

a.m.: warm water with lemon and tea (I was looking forward to the Yerba Mate I bought, but left my lovely mug w/brew on the mantle as I was heading out of the house, arms overflowing with stuff...bummer)

breakfast: green juice (I opted for the Green Machine by Naked)

lunch: shaved kale salad with radishes, carrots, and Avocado Cumin salad dressing

dinner: TBD... I think we will be having something along the line of a Thai "Peanut" meal... we'll see.

I have a bit of a coffee headache and no energy. I realized that I actually will snack throughout the day to keep my eyes open... enjoying a green apple and almond butter now... hope that works!

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  1. Can't wait to try this too! I am going to NYC next weekend so I think. Will start when I get home :)