Friday, May 6, 2011

A Favorite Snack

While Brian has been addicted to the Chili Mangos from Trade Joe's, I have a small obsession (ok, fine- a BIG one!) with this TJ's Mediterranean Hummus and sugar snap peas. Every time I go, I replenish my fridge with this super-yummy snack. I will have to say "au revoir" once the Great Cleanse of 2011 begins. No worries, this little buddy-pack will be there when I return.

*NOTE: My book came in yesterday (only 2 days to arrive = awesome)!! I will start the 21-Day Adventure Cleanse on Monday 5/9 for those wanting to participate. If you need to start later, feel free to jump in anytime!

**Update: Oh snap! Hummus is on the Cleanse menu... mama like!

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