Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Father's Daughter

A gem. Truly a wonderful treasure of memories, family and food. And I don’t say this JUST because I am gaga for Gwyneth (see my history of adoration here) and think she's the cat's pajamas; the bee's knees as it were. Nope, I make this claim because it really is a beautiful cookbook, perfect for anyone who loves cooking and sharing with family, friends, loved ones; for those who find great joy in sitting around the table and breaking bread in the company of lovely people. I actually teared-up reading the tender recollections of Gwyneth's father and the meals and conversations they shared throughout her life. Being a woman who absolutely adores her father, I fully related to the intimate relationship GP had with Bruce. I can't recommend this book enough. Simple. Elegant. Fun. Loving. Classic.

I cannot wait to make this Duck Ragu… it’s first on my list!

GOOP is one of my favorite blogs. Classic, timeless style and taste. Such an elegant woman of many hats.

Hostess with the Mostess.

Review of the cookbook.

10 culinary questions for GP.

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