Friday, June 17, 2011


In preparation for our trip (leaving 1 week from yesterday, WTF?!) I decided it was high-time to organize my "closet" (really a TV-cabinet-turned-armoire). I was unsure what treasures await me in the depths, but I needed to know what I already had (yes, outta sight, outta mind... I had forgotten) and what I still needed to get. Here is a before and after... the final project was not PERFECT, but it was WAY better than when I started! I still don't know how I manage to fit all my stuff in here.

We are headed down to my parent's house this weekend to drop off out kitty, Dodo. He will be vacationing in Bradley while we are away... I think he is worried about having to share his yummy canned food. My parents have a cat (really a cat-dog... the strangest feline I have ever met!) named Rudy that just shadows Dodo everywhere he goes. It's hilarious to watch them train around the house. I am hoping after 3 weeks they'll be best buds... we'll see.

{pic by my friend Natalia... Dodo ready to pounce on his toy... he'll use this same stealth move on Rudy, I imagine...}

Have a great weekend!

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