Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy 5th Anniversary!

Five years ago today I married my best friend, my soulmate, my better half, my love, my heart. Seems like we were just kids when we met at 18, barely old enough to vote and away at our first year of college. I can honestly say that I grow more in love with my sweetheart everyday and look forward to spending a lifetime (God willing) together. Here are some memories and pictures of us 5 years ago:

*We had the wedding at my parent's home, the home in which I grew up. It was so special to have a beautiful place to get married that meant a lot to us.

*I cut Brian's hair the morning of the wedding; we were so busy up to that point! It was the only free moment we had!

*This is our song; not the one we danced to on our wedding day (although we both agree now we should have) but rather the one that we love.

*We laugh because we did not get to eat our cake. We tasted it as we fed eachother a bite, but that was all... we always talk about what we missed out on.

*This morning I made a version of the breakfast we ate poolside listening to the sounds of Israel Kamakawiwo'ole while on our honeymoon in Maui: french toast, POG, fresh fruit salad, french press coffee. The Plantation Inn was the best, most lovely place I have ever stayed and with an attached 4 star restaurant, Gerard's, breakfast was one of my favorite meals!

I love you, sweetheart. Happy Anniversary :) xoxo, me

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  1. So beautiful!! Congrats Griffiths your marriage is an inspiration. Love you guys